I love doing private shows. It can be a very fun, erotic and exciting experience for everyone involved. I take a lot of time to prepare for the shows. This is why it is important that you read the entire terms/conditions before arranging a show with me.

1: Host (lotzabrunettes.com) has the right to refuse private video sessions to anyone at anytime for any reason whatsoever.

2: Customer agrees he/she is of legal age within his/her state, country, and local community to purchase adult private video sessions.

3: Customer agrees that any acts of a sexual or non-sexual nature he/she request or views during a private video session are not deemed offensive and/or illegal by his/her community.

4: Comments or behaviors deemed abusive, rude, or extremely offensive to Host will not be tolerated and may result in termination of a private video session by the Host with no refund or reschedule to Customer.

5: Private video session date/time slot is not reserved until payment for that time has been received by Host. Customer agrees to only purchase time for private video sessions after scheduling a date and time with the Host prior to purchase. Customer agrees that neglecting to schedule the date/time prior to purchase may result in non-refund and/or refusal of services.

6: After scheduling and purchase have been made, customer should contact Host via Yahoo Instant Messenger 10 minutes prior to private session time to test all software and exchange any technial info. Customer agrees to have Yahoo Messenger 5.6 installed and tested prior to video session date/time. Should Customer neglect to contact Host via Yahoo 10 minutes prior to private session time, Customer agrees that any technical info exchange, set up time, etc. may be taken out of his/her scheduled, paid session time.

7: Should Customer terminate/disconnect/become disconnected during a Live Private video session prior to it's scheduled end time, Customer agrees that no refund, partial credit, or partial/remaining video time will be given if he/she is not able to reconnect during the session time. If Customer should reconnect, session will run only to its scheduled end time. Customer agrees it is his/her responsibility to insure proper functioning of his/her internet connection and that Host cannot be held responsible for malfunction of Customer's equipment, programs, internet connection, etc.

8: Should cancellation/termination of session by Host become necessary (for any reason other than abusive/rude customer), both parties agree a reschedule should occur within 60 days of the original session date/time. Should a mutually agreeable date/time not be available within 60 days, customer will receive a refund of paid funds.

9: Cancellation of paid Private video session reservations by Customer should be made no less than 24 hours prior to reservation date/time. Cancellation will be made via email to [email protected] with a subject line: "CANCEL PRIVATE SHOW." A confirmation email from Host will be sent to the Customer once his/her cancellation notice has been received. Customer agrees it is his/her responsibility to insure Host has received Customer's cancellation notice and that no further cancellation charges will be incurred. Customer agrees that Host cannot be held responsible for failure in Customer's email delivery or additional charges which may be incurred due to this failure. It is suggested that the Customer send repeat cancellation notices via email if a confirmation from Host of his/her cancellation is not received in a timely manner. If Customer fail to send cancellation notice to Host as mentions above Customer will not get a refund or credit towards another session.


If you agree to all the about terms please copy all the above text and past it in an email to me. write at the botton: I *****have read and agree with the above terms.

***** fill in your name.Please note all personal information given to me will be keep strictly confidential. Billing is handled by a 3rd party and is very secure and discreet.